Hello everyone !

A tiny bit of info about me:

  • General:

    • Name : Mark Moissette
    • Age: 29
    • Living in Paris, France
    • Speaking 4 languages fluently (French, Hungarian, English, German)
      • and a few more, a lot less (Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Work:

    • php/mysql developper for around a year in Germany and France
    • in-house tool developer and in charge of QA administration and more at the French Company Micro Application¬†¬† (last 3¬† years+ ) in c# , Msi (wix),php, Nsis etc
  • Personnal work:

    • Many open source projects in Python and Java, a lot of which are listed on this site
  • Studies

    • Almost Bachelor’s degree (one course left) in Computer Science
    • A degree (Similar Higher National Certificate) in Biochemistry
    • A Bachelor’s degree (French “Licence”) in Applied Languages (English/German)
    • Started to study again (after work hours) towards higher level degres in Computer science and Biology /Biochemistry and Bioinformatics
    • Self taught : c#/mono, Processing, Nsis, Python , Php, Basic Electronics
  • Interests:

    • Obviously science in general , computer tech and programming, enclosed ecosystems , biology and spaceflight (Mars fact!)
    • Reprap, Repstrap, 3d printers and scanners
    • Open source projects (Linux, Arduino etc)
    • Tinkering
    • Learning (it never stops:)
    • Reading (Terry Pratchett , Kim Stanley Robinson)

Always willing to learn, always willing to work hard.

Do not hesitate to contact me

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