A-Life /Ecosystem simulation

This has been a recurring and very intense interest of mine for a lot of years now, unfortunately (or fortunatly ?) i have lost most of my first forrays into the field a few years back in an hdd accident, but last year i decided to try again with the simulation of a very simple ecosystem : that of the Artemias Salinas /brine shrimps, and then i branched into other simulations aswell : cellular automata, flocking/steering behaviours, L-Systems …

Project Artemias:

  • This project took about 3 month (in my spare time) and although unstable and with a lot of features , was at least close to what i intended
  • Done in C# , using the Tao Framework for visualization
  • Was based on an unusual programming paradigm for me : purely component based : there was no real main “entity” , but rather each entity was made of a “cloud” of components each defining behaviour and data, in seperate but communicating subsystems.
  • It used steering behaviours for the forces behing the movement of the Artemias
  • A basic fsm for their individual AI (hunting, mating etc)
  • More info here

Heat and pressure propagation using cellular automata:

  • Originally this was a “module” that was meant to be added to the “Artemias ” project above.
  • First working variant was coded in about a day althoughi did a lot of different versions afterwards.
  • Started of as a “conway’s game of life”
  • Heat propagation worked well (heat differential alter the temperature of each neighbouring cell etc)
  • Pressure propagation not quite : will have to try this again someday
  • More info : here


  • using this wikipedia article as a starting point , i developed this small app for generating 2d Lsystems in about 2 days.
  • i managed to improve the performance enormously ( LSytems tend to get quite slow after a few itterations) by using multiprocessing.
  • more info here

All pages taged Simulation : More info here : link

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