It has been a while , but i have finally gotten around to work on the pump control problems i  previously had  and here is the result.

What has been done /solved:

  • It turns out the pumps really run way better on 12v, control is still being done via Tip120s (with heatsink this time) , although they do not really get as warm as i previously experienced.
  • For now it is running in semi autonomous mode : you can switch the pumps on/off via a small Python program i wrote (also used for monitoring), but they also shut of automatically once the desired level is reached (electrodes you can see going into the bottles)
  • There is also a small 5v fan which is only controlled manually for now , but which will be automated as well (on/off switching based on temperature)

The (near) future:

  • Next step will be led lighting control , which will be quite a bit trickier , since it will need manage a large number of leds,  with different channels (red/blue), and will need to be modular aswell (thinking of smaller sized led arrays that can be linked together )
  • The python and arduino programs are pretty messy for now, so a lot of work will go into that area as well
  • Remote control, and dataloging is also planned /partially implemented

Here are a few videos of the (messy) prototype:

Hydroduino prototype : working pump control vid 2 from mark “ckaos” on Vimeo.

Hydroduino prototype : working pump control vid 3 from mark “ckaos” on Vimeo.

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One thought on “Hydroduino Pump control solved + project update

  • July 3, 2011 at 23:10

    Great Job

    I’m trying to controll a water pump with arduino, what’s the shematic that you use did you just connect the water pump with the arduino

    thanks for the help


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