Since i recently started learning Python, i am trying to “re-write” (based on the algorithms , not literal rewrites) of a few programs i did in c# and Processing, and this is basic temperature monitor. More info, processing applet, and code below.

So what did i do  ?

  • cleaned up the original multi LM35CZ based Processing project i did a while back
  • decided to try to write something similar in python
  • the aim was to get the overall visual aspect as close as i could to the Processing program, and that worked out better than i hoped
  • this (or an updated form of it) will be part of the hydroduino project for environmental monitoring and control

The Processing applet:

Source code:
Processing :arduino_thermometer_0_02

A few important things though:

  • of course as there is no Arduino connected to it, the applet presented above is just displaying fake randomized data
  • The python code is a lot more complete, reusable and object oriented, hence its slighly bigger complexity
  • A secondary aim was, not to change the code Arduino-side, since a different in the program displaying the data should have no impact on the device sending it (better decoupling)
  • The python version uses PyGame and PySerial as its backbone
  • Code is gpl unless specified otherwise. (feel free to use anything you can salvage:)
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One thought on “Hydroduino: Arduino multi thermometer (Processing vs Python)

  • December 22, 2013 at 20:08

    Dear author very interesting code but i can’t download source maybe caused by emoji smile icon , could you please fix link ?


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