Ir_MultiTouch Test from mark “ckaos” on Vimeo.

The video you see here is from my very simple test of a potential “flat” multitouch detection system: IR diodes each surrounded by 4 PhotoTransistors (well, 4+2, since i didn’t have the space for a real 3*3 matrix) linked to the analog pins on an Arduino board.

The program was done in Processing ( first processing program for me , but so much fun !) (

-the program translates the ir intensity from the phototransistors to a few different visual representations : “circles “(white) for each, based on intensity, plus numerical values, and some interpolation attempts (red circles). Will see where this goes… (resolution/tracking problems, as well as overall cost)

-My first attempt at blob detection and tracking is not really a success (and  the “microscopic” area of the detection surface, does not help !)  , but then again, i only worked on it for a single day, in a language i didn’t know zilch about two days ago… 🙂

After accidently stumbling on the Nui Group page ( i was looking around to build a small touch enabled console to centralize all the hydroponics controls, and well , to have fun too !), i started digging around into the technical aspect of things (oh and those wonderfull videos did help a lot too, combined with an interest in “ghost in the shell like” interfaces for years) , and finally i decided to give it a go!

As i do not have the budget or space for a projector, i will be using some small disasembled lcd screens (16 ” and 19″).

I have already sucessfully disassembled (that means the screen still works! yeah !) the 16″ Asus Screen (VW161), so i will post some dissassembly pictures for all those who found the idea of dissasembling an lcd screen daunting (i know i did!!)

-Since i have a very limited space in my flat, i would love to see if i can make something flat , since the usual diy multitouch setups are fairly thick ( distance from camera to sceen/lens max angle), also i love to experiment a bit , so we will see.

Overall, some good work and interesting experimentation for a week end 🙂

Ps:  “Ponyo”, the latest movie by Ghibli Studio, is just great ! ( can’t get the song out of my head)

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