As a break from my “tradition” of not going into more “personal” stuff on this site , I thought I would share a bit of  personal news , since well, it is very good news, and will have an impact on the various projects  I post about…

It might have come to your attention, that my posts have been getting sparser in the last few months:  and these are the main reasons for that:

  • First and foremost , it is because of the heavy work I have been putting into my two main projects HydroDuino and Dobozweb ( see related post in a few days for a lot more details) and also because  of a major piece of news :
  • I am now officially working as a bio-informatician at the French research institute INRA in Versailles, (near Paris) , in the genomics and informatics unit  (URGI) :  and guess what,? I will be working a lot in Python ! So,  major geeking  out here , as you can guess!
Working in research (specifically Biology and Informatics)  has been a dream of mine for… well forever , so I am still a quite bit “stunned” , it is the beginning of a new life in more ways that one!
So does this mean all my other projects will be abandoned?
  • Fear not!  They are still under way !
  • Even if i will have less time to work on them, i have done some major refactoring this summer that should help implement new features and improve existing ones more easily (this should become more clear in the next article about Doboz-web and Hydroduino).
  • I also did a presentation about Doboz-web last weekend at PyconFr (french Python conference) , which was an absolutely fantastic conference, with lots of great, passionate people, and interesting subjects , so  i will do a more detailed write-up about  that aswell soon!

As for the Unicorns in the title,  well,  they were likely dreaming of electric sheep


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