Hello ye all out there !

It has been ages since i last posted ,  and there are lots of news comming up , but first, i will just keep it simple and straight to the point , so this article will be a “skinny” one!

  • since i have been asked nicely a few times and i feel ashamed by my absolute slowness in replying , i have uploaded a few files i promised ages ago:
    • the experiments i did ages ago with L-System in C# (winforms)
    • some other coding experiments dealing with cellular automata, also in C#

read more and download after the break !

General disclaimer:

These files are so old and outdated , that i only zipped them up and i am providing them “as is” .

  • they are messy, i can’t even remember which sub project works or not , they are raw source in semi random folders
  • they do not represent my coding style or quality: these are around 3 years old, where done i a  rush, and were originally never meant to be redistributed
  • all that negativity aside, you can use all this freely, should you be able to salvage anything:)


And that is all for now folks !  Since these are old , i can’t remember the details of them, but don’t hesitate if you have questions !

On an unrelated note I will publish a few additional articles in the next few weeks, detailing progress on the various newer projects (and boy, has there been a lot of it this summer !!)!


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