Here is a quick rundown on the latest changes:

  • since the final stepper motor driver that was supposed to run the extruder’s stepper turned out to be stillborn, and out of stock to boot, so no possible replacement, I decided to order a bunch of Pololu (more info here) stepper drivers. The first tests are very conclusive : microstepping, ridiculously small footprint, suprisingly less of a tendency to overheat(which weirdly enough directly contradicts what i heard about them on pretty much every site) , oh and they are much cheaper than the old drivers !

Here is a side by side with the old and the new drivers:

  • I have also done an complete, but temporary wiring test with all stepper controllers, and really I will still need to build a perforated board system to hold all the drivers (this wiring spaghetti is really scary, stability wise) , as well as adding a cooling system of sorts.

  • On  more general note,  as i am getting closer to a finished machine, i decided to change the project’s name: it  say hello to DOBOZ !  what does DOBOZ mean you might ask ? Well it just means “box” in Hungarian, but you can also consider it as a pseudo acronym: Digitize Object Build ObjectZ ( yes I cheated ;)) since it will also incorporate a laser scanner.
  • As you can see partially / guess  from the above pictures, i have actually done a lot more work than is apparent in this article (working extruder and heater, lcd display etc), but that progress is sufficiently important to warant another article, so stay tuned:)
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