Things are shaping up for the YARP project ! But also stepper motor mishaps, and other problems!

“On the bright side of life”:

  • finished cutting and test-mounting the acrylic side and back panels
  • corrected some axis alignment problems ( mainly on the vertical axis, as usual)
  • the opto end- stops and associated elements are in place for the most part.
  • I have also chosen the type of plastic extruder (the part that actually “prints” the plastic): I will be building and settled for a pinch wheel design as it seems to be the easiest and  usually simpler designs work best : see here for example for more information

On the less good side of things:

  • Unfortunately, I also a big mishap with the vertical axis stepper motors : I didn’t notice one of the threaded rods wa stuck and it seems to have damaged one of the steppers beyond repair (it emits a small vibration, but does not turn at ALL). To be honest I expected these to fail , as they were the least reliable and oldest ones I had, and hey you can only get so much out of 10 year old salvaged motors that had been sitting in a garage for years)
  • the amount of tiny but oh so annoying adjustments is a mindbogling : its one of those days , when each time you correct a problem another one seems to pop up right away
  • due to my exams and the insane heat we are having, i had to slow the construction down, also i am a bit stuck until i receive the replacement steppers

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